geezit Cloudfiles

14daytrialgeezit Cloudfiles securely syncs your files to the ‘Soonr Australian Cloud’, and allows your team to work on your shared files from the PC, Mac, phone or tablet from anywhere around the world. geezit Cloudfiles is an Australian business grade ‘dropbox’ service, with data stored in premium data centres in Sydney and Melbourne. Soonr Workplaceâ„¢ empowers mobile individuals, teams and organisations to do business faster from any device anywhere.

Soonr Workplace is the leading secure file sharing and collaboration service purpose-built for business. Soonr Workplace offers organisations the mobile collaboration, security and balance of IT control with setup-and-go user experience.



  • Security/Sync: All selected files are automatically synced and updated in real time to the cloud, providing a secure back up of everything you do.
  • File Server Backup/DR: Never worry about backing up the file server again. Soonr replicates file data into the cloud in real time, and can then provide secure full access to these files from PC’s, laptops, tablets and phones from anywhere.
  • Remote Access: Soonr makes it easy to securely work from anywhere across PC, laptops, phones and tablets without having to worry about VPN’s.
  • Storage space: with 1TB for our professional package, and 5TB for enterprise Soonr delivers generous space for your files with the flexibility to grow as you need it.
  • Sovereignty: Data is all stored in Australia.
  • Team Share: Easily share folders and files with other members of your team wherever they are in the world, with all changes made updating in real time.
  • Backup/DR/Revisions: Every change you make is backed up in real time, with 6 months’ worth of revisions stored and accessible at any time. Items can easily be deleted and restored from either the desktop or the server.
  • Share publicly: Share documents, folder and information securely and with your company branding.
  • Collaborate: With Soonr, if someone else is working on Microsoft Office document you can immediately see who has it locked to avoid conflicts.
  • Reporting: View detailed reports about internal data use or misuse.
  • Maturity/Risk: Soonr is used by over 150,000 businesses across the world every day.

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