geezit Antivirus

geezit Antivirus protects you from online threats keeping you safe no matter how or where you connect. It scans faster, uses fewer system resources, and protects you by instantly identifying and blocking new threats as soon as they appear.

With geezit Antivirus cloud based detection, you will always have the latest version, blocking viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, rootkits and other online threats before they infect your PC.



  • Instantaneous Cloud-Predictive Malware Protection
  • 750 KB Client: Installs, Scans & Protects In Seconds
  • No Conflicts with Existing Security or Endpoint Software
  • Advanced Offline Protection Against Zero-Day & Highly Adaptive Threats such as Cryptolocker
  • Complete User Agent Policy Controls & Protection
  • Browser Identity & Privacy Shield
  • “Last Good State” Endpoint Rollback & Remediation
  • System Cleaner Performance & Productivity Tools
  • Webroot SecureAnywhere® – Endpoint Protection is the next generation of endpoint security. It’s smarter, faster, more effective, and much easier to use and deploy
  • Endpoint protection deploys and is fully operational in under 20 seconds


  • Users are quickly up and running, with the first and longest scan completed in typically under 2 minutes – compared to hours with many traditional endpoints
  • Clients for Windows PCs and Mac, laptops, and servers, including virtual servers
  • Real-time and always up to date — it uses cloud data centers to instantly protect all users from every new threat Webroot finds
  • Transfers most of the security work to the cloud, with super fast and efficient scans that never slow devices down
  • Eliminate the costs of a server management console and management updates
  • Webroot SecureAnywhere® runs alongside other programs – including other security software – so you don’t have to uninstall anything to deploy or try it
  • Extra protection including journaling and rollback remediation to stop malware from affecting the endpoint when users are offline


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